10 Most Expensive, Overpriced iPhone Apps

App Store gives Developers freedom to choose the right price for their App. Apple plays fair here, but few developers don’t. Some of the apps have ridiculously high prices.

We decided to make a list of most expensive, Overpriced Apps:

1. I Am Rich – Cost $999.99

The cost seems so ridiculous. What did App do? Nothing, It showed you a red diamond that reminds you that you were able to afford this. Easy to realize, pointless. Few iPhone users bought it an then repented. Apple soon took an action refunded the money, removed the app from App Store.

2. iVIP Black – $1,000

iVIP is one big drill in your pocket  which target lifestyle management. The App grants you access to VIP privileges in restaurants, bars, night clubs, helicopters, jets and more. There are zero ratings for the app in the App Store, and I have no doubt why.

3. MATG – My Accounts to Go – $450

The App interfaces with SAP’s BusinessOne financial management software. Designed for sales reps or marketing/finance execs. Equivalent Oracle Apps one is available for free. How unfair!

4. iRa Pro:  – $899.99

iRa Pro and iRa Direct are used to view and manage super-expensive enterprise surveillance camera installations. Clients could include corporations, schools, government, etc. What it does is simply view cas over WiFi, 3G network. Highly Overpriced iTunes link

5. PDR Quote – $349.99

An App for Business users which take care of auto repair: Create quotes and invoices, includes huge database of cars, forms you can personalize, etc. A personalized equivalent desktop version comes for free. iTunes link

6. Mobile Cam Viewer – $349.99

We rank this below PDR since it has no utility. There are cheaper alternatives aavailble for Cam viewers and controls. iTunes link

7. Lexi- Dental Complete –  $299.99

Lexi-Dental Complete is a library of reference material—except for dentists. As such, their promotional image is GROSS. A slightly less expensive version, Lexi-Dental Select, is also available.

8. iDcrm – $200

This app is intended to sync with Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and provide all of the same functionality. It also has the ability to work offline. Two hundred bucks is a lot, yes. But chances are the accounts payable department will be signing off on this one, not you.

9. ROSIE Home Automation –  $200

ROSIE home automation system users can control their a/v systems, lighting, security, and other services. Requires a ROSIE system which will cost you couple of thousands more, Total of $2k+. Do I look Like nerd?

10. XA1 – $180

Intended for professional level studio people, XA1 soaks up audio via the iPhone’s microphone and then displays it as a visual graph of the audio spectrum. While the app does offer some very cool and very geeky features, we’re wondering who would buy this. Wouldn’t you be better served by actual in-studio equipment? iTunes link

This doesn’t end here more apps like Nursing Constellation Plus, Interpath, WoframAlpha.

We don’t recommend any of those Apps, unless you have enough to burn your currency. however We do recommend reading The Top 20  best 3D games on iPhone.

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  • TerryNorris

    I think the Rosie App should come free with X amount of their hardware purchases. It just makes sense to give it away to paying customers. I am actually surprised some of these made it past the iPhone Apps approval process. I mean..doesn't the functionality have to be tested before they can be released?

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  • Android Rules

    Overpriced Apps for an overpriced product.

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