Top 2012 Technology Trends, Predictions

2011 was a year of Tablets and mobile. On one side where we saw new technologies emerging, mobile devices became way more powerful than they were . TVs got better but their Technologies, especially, 3D, remained proprietary.

2012 would be all about:

1. Tablets & Mobile Phones:

Until just a few months ago, buying a tablet usually meant buying an iPad. is already on the record as selling “millions” of its $199 Kindle Fire entry-level tablets, and it’s making “millions” more. Asus’ Transformer Prime, first quad core tablet, is gaining traction with its ability to dock into a full-featured keyboard that almost turns it into a full-fledged laptop.

Each hardware vendor and chip manufacturer would be releasing their quad-core chips, leading the race would be Nvidia Tegra 3 followed by Qualcomm and others. It would bring near-pc level performance to palm of your hand.

On Phones, Samsung would continue to grow and capture markets in every phone segment. Their upcoming Galaxy SIII could be the biggest seller ever. Apple’s iPhone 5 would sport all new design & A6 SoC, a quad core processor which would revolutionize mobile gaming.

2. Mobile Payments:

Google Wallet is currently only available on a few models of phones, But some analysts predict that 2012 is the year that mobile payments will proliferate as more devices are outfitted with the crucial Near Field Communication (NFC) chip that makes these transactions possible. Mobile commerce would be a $31 billion business by 2016. Given that potential for growth, it’s likely other tech firms will attempt to challenge Google with their own mobile payment apps. In fact, telecom giants Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile have announced a joint venture digital wallet program called Isis, which is slated to debut in 2012.

3. NextGen Social Networking:

Facebook & Google+ will continue to redefine we interact with people online. Google+ has grown at a pace no one has grown before, and 2012 would be even better as Google works hard to deliver the Google experience to the already shipped “plus”.

Many analysts suggest that Facebook would finally go from public in 2012 in what would likely be the largest initial public offering ever for a technology company. Valued at $100 billion, it could redefine the powers of the company.

4. ‘Hacktivism’ and other cybersecurity threats will get more sophisticated.

Thanks to groups like Anonymous, Lulzsec and others, hackers are now more public than ever. They are now fearless, powerful and more Ethical. These groups would fight against corruption and other government decisions that censor internet, in any manner. SOPA has already let hackers begin the Hacker space program.

Both McAfee and Cisco say in their annual forecasts that they expect “hacktivism” to be a prominent cybersecurity issue in 2012. These newly emergining groups would continue to use hacking as a means of sending a message or targeting polarizing public figures. McAfee also warns that malware for mobile devices, GPS systems and even medical equipment will get more effective in 2012.

5. 4G LTE

We would finally see the real 4G data speeds on our mobile networks all around the world. US, with its leading telecom providers like Verizon, AT&T and Sprint would show maturity in delivering reliable 4g / LTE speeds over the air. It would soon be adopted by telecom providers in UK, europe and other countries in Asia. With China and Japan already ahead of the curve in LTE, other asian countries would grow.

6. 3D 4K TVs

LG, Samsung and several others would showcase their 2012 range of products at CES 2012. The major buzz this year would be about the 3D 4K TVs. Not only these TVs would be large (~60″), they would deliver super high definition content with a smooth picture (~200hz and above).

We would some standardization in 3D technologies and would see 3D technologies that are inter-operable across different TV brands.

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