First Ever 3D Android Phone without Glasses

Ever dreamt that you could have a smartphone that can shoot photos is 3d, play videos in 3D, play games in 3d, has menus in 3d that too without 3d Glasses? Time to dive into this new Android phone from Sharp.

Sharp’s Galapagos is here to change the trend with world’s first 3D Android phone. Sharp Galapagos 003SH is capable of not only showing 3D menus, pictures, and videos, but allows you to snap some as well. In addition, it supports 3D-enabled games, one of which I was able to demo.

There are two variants of this 3D phone, Galapagos 005SH which sports a QWERTY keyboard.

Sharp uses Parallax Barrier 3D 3.8″ WVGA screen, a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, a whopping 9.6 MP camera capable video in 720P, and currently runs Android 2.2 “Froyo.” ITs no fake 3d, it actually works and of course “you need to be at a certain angle to view it”.



Nintendo 3DS uses the same technology to achieve Glass-less 3D. The only drawback one could see with this phone is lack of dual-stereo camera, and you endup shooting two photos from same camera, which is not ideal. Rest of it all works great.

Checkout the video below, of course camera cant capture exact 3D that our real eyes can, but it should give you a fair idea.

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  • I love this 3D Android phone, it looks sleek and smart too………………. Good evolution!

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