3D Desktop on Mac [BumpTop]

3D desktops can add alot of utility to your multitasking. We’ve seen how we can get a 3D desktop on Ubuntu, here’s how we an get 3D desktop on Mac (Leopard, Snow Leopard) Bumptop adds the third dimension to both Windows and Mac to make “real world desktop”. You can create visual “piles” of files or stick notes to the wall, size design, layout everything is there after fully customizable. In addition, there’s also a cool search feature that’s invoked simply by typing.

Watch it in action:

The Windows 7 version of Bumptop had Multitouch screen support. Probably Mac will also get it after iMac gets Multitouch at January 27th event. However, on the mac, it’s state of the art already. It is integrated seamlessly into the Finder. Multi-touch gestures for MacBook Pro and MacBook multi-touch trackpads works out of the box.

On a side note, if iSlate/ iTablet is going to run leopard, this would become a killer app. BumpTop plans to add certain webapps to this 3d desktop. and Most of them would be like widgets.

You can get more Mac OS, Snow Leopard, Tips n Tricks, Tech Guides, 3D Tech live via @taranfx on Twitter.

Download Bumptop

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