3D Movies on Android, iPhone, iPad

In the year of 3D, 3d movies on iPhone, iPad & Android will soon become possible.

It’s not a native 3d Video but still offers fair enough results to match the performance of 3d anaglyph (red-blue) glasses without actually wearing those crazy glasses

Spatial View has developed an app that makes this possible. The 3DeeCentral has been submitted to the iOS App Store and soon coming to Android.  The app features a catalogue of 3D movies that can be viewed on the devices. However, 3DeeCentral requires the you to use a thin screen that adds that 3rd dimension of depth — 3d without glasses.

Business Insider got early handson and has  +ve feedback:

We don’t expect this to sweep the nation overnight. For one thing, it looks like the library of content will be fairly sparse to begin with. And the 3D effect isn’t as compelling as it is on a larger screen using glasses.

But we just tried it out, and it was real, live 3D right there on the phone. And that was awesome.

3DeeCentral would be available in the fall and should cost < $20, on both iOS and Android, plus the media store will have additional cost per movie/video download.


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