3D without Glasses

3d-displayIn the year when every mode of entertainment wants to go 3d: Gaming, Movies, TV broadcasts, mobile augmentation, none of the users want to wear those Glasses. What is the way out?

At this year’s CeBIT, lots of manufacturers have come up with solutions to tackle the problem. Developers have found various kinds of solutions, the major ones being:

  1. Attach an extra panel that projects 3D pictures correctly to 64 different positions, enough for most use cases.
  2. Have camera as part of the display that locates your eyes  in 3d space (X,y,z, coordinates) and then processes the alteration required to project sharp 3d images to your location.

Watch the Video to anticipate the concepts:

Most of these concepts may or may not go mainstream, but this is how the technology evolves. BluRay 3D is the Future but the user-end technology still needs to mature.

[via pcWorld]

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