9-axis motion sensing on Android, WP7, iPhone

motion-sensing-androidModern smartphones have accelerometers and gyrometers that can do motion sensing to a small number of degrees of freedom.

Now the nine-axis modular sensing system is making its way to all three platforms: Android, iPhone, WP7.  The server brings motion-controlled gaming to mobile environments, capturing position data from matchbox-size modular sensors that you can tape to a wooden sword or Viking helmet for live-action outdoor role-playing. With Aiken’s Immersive Motion, you can get a deeper and richer experience in Augmented reality apps. Basically, the sensors lie in the phone and are capable of transmitting information wirelessly up to 50 foot range.


Alternatively,  you can also connect up to two smaller wired sensors to each wireless sensor, for about $50 a piece.

The kit is actually priced high by Aiken at $300 that would prevent it from being seen at any other places other than hardcore gaming geeks and niche developers. However, the company believes that the price can be brought down with mass production. Apart from that, the 9-axis motion sensing can be useful in other industries like research and Hollywood, where it could be used as a (relatively) low-cost outdoor motion-capture suit.

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