About Geeknizer | formerly Taranfx

About Geeknizer.com (formerly Taranfx 2005- 2011)

Geeknizer.com is aimed on delivering unique Tech content related with Gadgets, Science, Innovation, Apple – iPhone, Programming, Networking, guides – How Tos.

Currently Site receives traffic primarily from U.S. (45%) Canada (20%), UK (9%), India (8%) with Daily Unique page views of 20k+. On the PageRank front, it holds PR4 as of now, however, PR5 is expected anytime soon.

Contact us:

Technical Queries: contact[at]geeknizer.com or taranfx[]gmail[]com

Advertising/General Queries: contact[at] geeknizer.com

About Authors:

Unlike other Popular Tech blogs which employ a large number of Content Writers, This blog is driven solely by:

Tarandeep Singh (Founder and Editor-in-chief).

About the Blog:

Geeknizer was founded in 2011 after being rebranded from Taranfx (2005-2011) due to some business reasons. Taranfx for long, had been an exclusive gadget blog with scripts to autoload content from top blogs. Not many people were interested in that stuff, and the idea never paved off. With Geeknizer, we plan to make it better.

In early 2009, the gadget website was converted to a Full Fledged Technology News blog focussing on key areas in Gadgets: iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Hardware: Latest in Processors, GPU, Motherboards, Multimedia: Audio, Video/HD, HDTVs, Communications: Networking, Telecom, Programming/ Open Source and last but the most important Google.

The Blog was designed with a custom theme handcoding most of the theme from a basic one. The components were designed to make it possible for Blog to serve content even when Database goes off. We employ some advanced caching techniques that enable us to serve Pro-level traffic even on a normal shared hosting, with High-Availability,which helps us cut costs and concetrate on quality of the posts. For the Past three months we’ve been highly-Available with 99.4% uptime.

The Founder of the blog, Tarandeep Singh, has vast exposure in web technologies over his tenure with Forune 100 companies in U.S. and India.

The blog follows it authors and Offers Region-agnostic Technology news that would be ideal for Geeks as well for Technology learners. Its in out best effort to serve the news faster than anyone else does on the web, the reason why we have made it to Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon Front Pages several times.

We’ve been listening and taking feedback from our readers from time to time. If you have something for us that would make us better, feel free to send us your feedback/suggestions below.

Contact us:
Technical Queries: taran[at]taranfx.com or taranfx[]gmail[]com

Advertising/General Queries: contact[at]taranfx.com


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