Add Google+ Comments to ANY WordPress, Tumblr Blog

Google recently unveiled Google+ comments for its very own amazing blogging platform: Blogger. Google+ comments are very clean, and have top notch appeal to it. But why should only Blogger users have all the fun?

We like the Google+ comments on and is now possible to integrate Google+ comments on any wordpress blog. So just like Disqus, Facebook comments, it integrates well to just about any webpage, not just blogs. However, there is one simple caveat. Since its not officially supported, there is no way to import existing comments from other commenting systems like facebook, disqus, wordpress. But if you’re here to try the new, and integrate comments on Google+ and your blog, this is the best thing to do.

How to Add Google+ Comments to ANY WordPress, Typepad, Tumblr Blog

Simply add the following code to your blog template/theme at location where you wish to add Google+ comments.

<script src="">

Replace [URL] with your page URL. If you’re using wordpress, you can use “< ?php echo the_permalink() ?>” instead of hardcoding url. This will automatically fill URL for every blog post.

Option 1: For displaying comments count use <g:commentcount instead of <g:comments

Google+ Comments load Aysnc

If you want comments to load asynchronously (dynamically). Use this code instead:

<div id="comments"> </div>
gapi.comments.render('comments', {
href: window.location,
width: '624',
first_party_property: 'BLOGGER',

Option 1: For displaying comments count use gapi.commentcount.render instead of gapi.comments.render.

In case you enter the URL of a different page, Google shows some Google+ posts that link to that page and all the comments for that page.

Google+ Comments WordPress Plugin

If you’re not feeling brave enough to edit template and php files manually, you can enable Google+ comments using an unofficial plugin from here.

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