Adobe introduces Photoshop CS5.5 Touch SDK for Android, iPad, Blackberry Tablets

Adobe is making its way to all the Tablets out there by introducing a new SDK that would enable developers to create apps for Android, Blackberry, iOS Tablets adding a richer experience to the desktop version of Photoshop CS5.5.

Adobe went ahead and has demoed three apps for on iPad 2 — Adobe Color Lava, Adobe Eazel and Adobe Nav. They let you create custom color swatches, paint and use Photoshop tools directly from the tablet.

The SDK is pretty rich in features and the integration between your Tablet and desktop photoshop is just steps away. I’m just way too excited about the possibilities of the apps produced using this pattern.

Watch the video:

How does it work?

Your tablet connects to the PC via a secure connection, and your Tablet is able to exchange the image data on the go. With Adobe Eazel you can create content on the tablet and have it seamlessly imported into Photoshop.

Photoshop Remote is a heads-up-display for all of the Photoshop CS 5.5 installations on your local network. The dashboard gives you a live thumbnail of each connected client while giving you the ability to perform global actions on all connected clients like saving open images to your iPad photo library, opening the same image on all connected computers, or sending a message to all connected computers. When you drill down to an individual screen, you have even more functionality such as tool selection, color selection, filters, adjustment layers, and more.

CS5 has been upgraded to CS5.5 that includes these features. Developers can access the free SDK at

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