All about 5G : at a Glance

The most advanced commercially available wireless radio system across the world is 4G. As ascertained by International Telecommunication Union, 4G stands for fourth generation of radio wireless technology which delivers minimum data speed of upto 100 Mbit/s (megabits per second) while the user is mobile in a car or a train. While the same speeds can peak at upto 1 Gbit/s (gigabit per second) for stationery users. While LTE (Long Term Evolution) is regularly confused as 4G by operators, it has technically a slower speed than 4G. Another term regularly used for 4G is VoLTE (Voice Over Long Term Evolution), which actually means to carry Voice service as data flow within the LTE data standard. So there there is no need for voice to travel through legacy circuit as it did on 3G or 2 G.

Nuff said, lets hit 5G, which has max speed of 5 Gbit/s. As the data speeds are almost 5 times over 4G and there is higher capacity to accommodate a higher density of users, 5G has the capabilities to bring not just mobile users, but it can also include Internet of Things, and even Cars.

Operationally 5G would also bring down Latency and reduce battery consumption too with smarter circuits. Although a commercially nascent tech, the concept of 5G is almost 5 years old. This was when the UK government set up ‘5G innovation Center’ at University of Surrey in 2012. And companies like Huawei and Ericsson have been conducting field tests in Netherlands countryside during 2015.

The 5G network will go all out to support massive broadband applications with its distinctively high speeds and low latency. Industries in the domains of IT, automotive, entertainment, agriculture, and manufacturing are going to reap big from 5G. Not to mention, the Gamers! Lower latency means bettery online gaming experience.

Two of the world’s mobility tech giants have been very vocal about 5G and their executives have been sighted quoting “5G will connect everybody, and everything,” Tim Baxter, President of Samsung Electronics America & “5G is going to be so much about densification” Rajeev Suri, CEO, Nokia. Companies like Verizon have already confirmed to have been running field tests for 5G as part fo their feasibility studies.

So imagine this, a not very distant future where your refrigerator will talk to you phone to order your food supplies. The moment you open your fridge in morning, your brew machine would start heating the water inside it. As soon as you get out of bed, the sensors in your room would inform the water heater in your washroom to get ready start heating up the water. and maybe the pressure of your butt on the toilet seat would send weight analysis and heartbeat check to your mobile phone daily. So may more things to imagine. Like your car turning on the moment you pick up the keys.

Future going to present an incredible trade-off between chores that need to be automated and those who to be done manually.

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