Android Beats iPhone Sales, gains 890 percent

Its a Win-win situation for Google as its smartphone OS takes leads to become no.2 Most popular smartphone in the U.S, knocking the iPhone to the 3rd position.

As per the report from AC Neilson, Android is rising way more quickly when comapred to iPhone. Android adoption is more serious with first time smartphone users. Google phones accounted for 27 percent of U.S. smartphone salesg leaving Apple iPhone down at 24%.

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But Android isn’t just a U.S. phenomenon: Research firm Canalys estimates that Android handset sales grew 886 percent worldwide from the year ago quarter.

Its no brainer to say that Android really began to mature over the past year with Android 2.1 release, and the adoption had been rocket fast, since then. One of the most dominant reasons is Open Handset Alliance which includes choice of manfacturers: Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, HTC, and others. Android may have brought little indirect profits to Google but surely brought fortune to HTC, Motorola. Motorola wirless division survived from a near bankruptcy state, HTC revenues were up 66 percent in June from a year ago.

Ironically, fastest growing smartphone OS doesn’t dwell the Most satisfied users. Nielson found that 71 percent said that they would buy an Android phone again. That sounds like a high loyalty rating, but it falls noticeably short when asking iPhone owners about their next handset — 89 percent are happy with iOS4 and plan to buy a future Apple handset. Fan following? Not really!

However, smartphone leader, RIM owns 33% of the smartphone market, and 50% of the current BlackBerry owners surveyed don’t want another RIM device in the Future. Blackberry 6 OS might slow down the falling state of Blackberry, but, it would still not convince everyone.

Even though Apple and Google are generation ahead of Nokia’s Phones, Nokia still beats both of them in sales.

Nokia saw a 41 percent growth rate over the prior year’s second quarter sales, which sounds positive, but when compared to Android’s 886 percent gain, Nokia’s growth pales in comparison. Android is catching up fast, but the market share difference is still Huge. Hopefully, more users move to a smarter choice, sooner.

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