Immersion SDK brings Realism to Android with Amazing Haptic Feedback additions

android-haptic-feedbackTouchscreens have just one drawback, we’ve lost the sense of the realism of the feel of the objects that we touch on the screen. The Jailbreaking community solved it partially on iPhone years back by introducing haptic feedbacks for UI interactions and even keyboard typing. Immersion’s MOTIV Haptic development platform is about to take it to a new level of realism.

Haptic feedback has a different history. Haptic feedback began with the introduction of the Nintendo Rumble Pak and its use in Star Fox 64 and GoldenEye.

Immersion SDK from Immersion Corporation has long provided haptic feedback technology for a variety of other applications. They have no come up with an SDK targets Android game developers. And the best part: its free to download.

The SDK is capable of making native Android OS’s interactions feel more real with right kind of triggered vibration. The SDK comes with a bunch of pre-defined haptic responses which developers can simply plug into their games, but there’s also a tool called MOTIV Studio that lets you design your very own rumbles. Checkout the feel in the video after the break:

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