Android, iPhone Game Controller [DIY]

If you own an iPhone or Android device and are Gaming savvy, this is a must checkout.

You can grab a WiiMote from eBay for cheap and use it for Gaming with Windows PC, Mac OS, Ubuntu and, even with Android, iPhone.

If you’ve got an iPhone or Android device that you use with a Wii remote when gaming, this quick hack will give you the third hand you need to manage all of that hardware for just a few dollars in parts. . A small square pad sticks onto the back of any device and mates with a base. He cut off the unnecessary parts of the base and glued it to the back of the wheel.

Step 1: Mod your Android device to use WiiMote with iPhone or with Android (method below).
Step 2: Find a cheap Wii Remote steering wheel and insert the phone into the universal mounting bracket.
Step 3: MacGyver an universal mounting bracket or something

How to connect WiiMote with Android

  1. Install Wiimote Controller and Run it with Bluetooth turned ON.
  2. Enable “WiiControllerIME”. This is only needed once right after installation
  3. tap the first button and at the same time put your Wii remote in discovery mode by pressing “1” and “2” simultaneously
  4. wait for the “Connected” message to appear. The first LED will turn on on the Wii remote
  5. back in WiimoteController tap the second button and select WiiControllerIME. done. The Wii remote is connected. Go enjoy!

To Disconnect

  1. to disconnect a single Wii remote, hold the power button on it
  2. don’t forget to set your favorite IME back or you won’t be able to type (or check Preferences to find an option to do that automatically)

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  • Doesn't work on HTC phones with Sense unfortunately.

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