Android Phone Rooting – Revisited

Wikipedia defines “Rooting” as a process of allowing users of smartphones, tablets and other devices running the Android mobile Operating System to attain privileged control (known as root access) over various Android subsystems.

Typically as Android OS is based on Linux kernel, rooting the device gives Administrator access to the user aka ‘Superuser’ with full access permissions on the operating system.

You Root your device to overcome limitations or blockades put up by OEMs. Therefore a Rooted device knows no bounds in comparison with a device running the stock OS.

How to Root an Android device: Rooting is actually a simple and easy process. Rooting any Android device involves three broad steps:

  1. Unlocking the Bootloader
  2. Installing a Custom Recovery
  3. Gaining Root Access
Unlocking Bootloader​ – will allow unrestricted access to the internal memory (ROM) of the device to be written on. Thus you can flash images of your desired OS version onto the main partitions of the phone.​
Installing a Custom Recovery​ –  is done by way of flashing over a recovery partition of the device and thereby overwriting stock recovery that initially came with the phone or a tablet. ‘Custom Recovery’ as the name suggests, provides a universal functionality. By the virtue of custom recovery you can wipe, install flashable zips, create full backups of your existing OS. Also an unlocked Bootloader is required in order to install a custom recovery.
Gaining Root Access​ – by either flashing via recovery on to an already rooted ROM or by flashing a Zip file which contains SuperUser binaries.

Once the device is rooted, custom recovery installed and Bootloader unlocked, sky is the limit, literally.

A word of caution before you proceed with Rooting is to read the Rooting guide fully from beginning to the end in order to avoid any surprises and heart-burns. Rooting does void manufacturer’s warranty and so there shall be no support provided by the manufacturer in case you hit a roadblock. Happy Rooting!
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