Apple: iPhone 4 No Signal Issues, Free Bumper case

Steve had enough, they decided to come up on stage and clear off all the hype created by the media.
Steve Jobs took the stage today and the press conference and announced that iPHONE 4 has No practical problems with signals at all. They believe its all over hyped over an issue which doesn’t exist. iPhone 4 performs better than any other previous iPhones they have ever shipped.

He apologized for the inconvenience in the user satisfaction and inisted on shipping free  iPhone 4 bumper to help mitigate antenna problems. This will apply to every user who buys an iPhone through September 30. iPhone 4 owners who have already purchased one of the $30 bumpers will get a full refund. Users who don’t like the bumper solution and are still unhappy with the iPhone can bring it back for a full refund instead.

Apple had released an iOS 4.01 update to mitigate incorrect reception algorithm, which may not fix all the issues that persisted in the iPhone 4. (How Firmware Upgrade could have Fix iPhone 4 Signal, Reception Issues)

On the other note, the bumper shields the hand from bridging the antenna and reducing signal strength. Although the iPhone 4 will still suffer some interference when you hold it a certain way, Apple clearly believes the free bumpers will address the issue for a large majority of users. Jobs stressed deeply that iPhone 4 is not alone in having this issue, showing videos to the press of numerous phones from other manufacturers dropping in signal when held in a certain way.

Steve Jobs claimed during the press conference that only 0.5 percent of iPhone 4 owners had complained to AppleCare about the issue ~15,000 of the 3 million people who have purchased iPhone 4s so far. Also, fewer people have bought iPhone 4 cases than 3GS cases, and insisted that the iPhone 4 still drops fewer calls than the 3GS did before it (less than one call per 100).

Its hard to say what the real thing is, after all apple doesnt want to lose $1.8Billion just by recalling all iPhone 4 back, giving out $30 on each is still a great idea.

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