Apple iTV Rumored Details

Tech companies are heading towards TVs as they hit hard on the TV as a connected device. After Google announced its upcoming android based Google TV, Apple seems to be joining the race.

Apple is under the works of making a $99 version of the set top box, similarly sized and packed with internals akin to that of the iPhone 4 (A4 CPU, 16GB of flash storage). The original Apple TV will be rebranded as iTV under this upgrade.

The Video and audio content can be stored in the flash drive or stream over a newly coming iTunes streaming service. However, there is a limitation of Highdef video content. The device is only capable of handling 720p, seriously ignoring value of 1080i, 1080p video.

Even though iPhone 3GS was capable of Full HD 1080p video playback, iPhone 4’s specs should drive it pretty smoothly. But as per the sources, the limitation lies int he capability of A4 to work with higher resolution content. Apart from that, the flood gates to App Store apps would also be open notably for both iPhone, iPad apps upscaled to a way higher resolution. Phone 4, iPad applications shouldn’t have much of a problem doing that but older gen iPhone apps will get pixelated to a  great extent. The plan is to introduce a new SDK that would support natively 720p apps.

There are no details on what satellite service will they tie up with but that should be coming sometime soon. Stay tuned.

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