Apple Magic Mouse [Multitouch] Review

It finally became reality after the rumors of Apple’s new mouse.

The Apple’s new Magic Mouse doesn’t have anything on the surface. Instead of buttons, it has a aluminium-based smooth multitouch panel. I wonder how strange it might be to use in the long run.

It features a number of gestures that are, surprisingly, different from Macbook Pro trackpad.

The touch-sensitive surface can either be single- or multi-button –  can be configured easily on need basis – and is ideal for scrolling through long documents and webpages. You can  scroll with two or three fingers, move them up and down. You can also “swipe” to go back and forward through lots of web pages or photos.

The idea sounds great but what happens when you put it to practical use?

I’m sorry Apple, it could be just me, but after using it for a while, I felt, I’m better off using a normal mouse. I felt as if I’m using a super sensitive gadget that catches my every move. It’s normal for a user to touch mouse with fingers randomly, even when we don’t intend doing anything,  and this intelligent thing tries to match a gesture from it -whooops! May be if they would have made some way of restricting capturing all touches, it would have been more fun. If I want to continue using this mouse, I have to be nice to this mouse at all times by not touching him randomly while something makes me wait on the screen.

Design: Physically, the mouse is beautiful, and feels great. It is one seamless touch surface, and, logically, there is no Mighty Mouse scroll nipple.

The surface can also simulate the left and right buttons. Unlike in previous Apple’s mice, the two buttons work perfectly. This time they also added physical feedback, so when you click the buttons, you actually get the entire surface to click—like the original clear Apple mouse.

Installation: When you unpack and first flick the mouse, easily it would be spotted over Bluetooth on your regular Mac, but it only works with tracking and single click, it will need a software update to work fully with multitouch gestures.

Battery: It runs on AA batteries, and Apple claims 4 months of use per set. I guess it would be some time till we can actually test that.

Pricing: You can get it with the new iMac or pay $69 separately.

Watch the video to get idea of gestures:

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