Apple’s September 9 iPod Event: Top Speculations and Expectations

This year’s keynote is what people are most excited about – Minor reasons have to do with iPod, iTunes and Tablet rumors but the Major one is to do with the return of Steve Jobs. 🙂

As usual, Apple hasn’t confirmed a thing except the Event time and Venue.

Ok, let’s start, I`ll keep it brief.

New iPods

Apple’s September events since, their very begining have revolved around around iPods and iTunes.

Not to mention, there is enough evidence that camera and microphone on Touch are being added. There are leaked Pics, Videos which confirm this.

But there is a news from AppleInsider that claims, Cameras might be delayed due to Technical Difficulties, till next launch in 2010.

However, we’re doubting the iPod Classic will gain a camera. Instead, we might see something new. End of Life for iPod Classic.

One more thing: Highly probable that The iPod Touch will get a performance boost to bring it up to speed with the new iPhone 3GS.

You never know about One more things.


iTunes 9

An update to version 9 is very likely. A rumor report claiming iTunes 9 would sport new visual organization features to arrange iPhone apps.

First, it’s almost guaranteed that Apple will announce a new version of iTunes, iTunes 9. Most likely this new version will improve the interface, address concerns with organizing iPhone apps, and include music sharing features via Twitter, Faebook, and

The other announcement could be that The Beatles are finally going to be downloadable in the iTunes store. The date of Apple’s keynote adds fuel to the fire of this rumor – it is the same day of the launch of The Beatles Rock Band, which itself is a reference to Revolution 9. A deal struck earlier this year between Apple and the storied rock band also makes this announcement a likely one.

A visual-organization tool would definitely make sense — it would mimic the ability to move around the iPhone’s icons on its springboard. We find Facebook integration probable as well. The latest versions of QuickTime, iPhoto and iMovie each have features that enable sharing media with social networks (i.e., YouTube and Flickr). And in general, an automatic playlist creator integrated in Facebook just sounds like a pretty clever idea.

The collaborative effort codenamed Project Cocktail, and the idea is to entice music fans with a compelling digital package that will get them to gather around notebooks to listen to music together. How exactly would album art do that? It’s unclear. However, Financial Times is a credible publication with solid music sources. Expect this part of the keynote to deliver the biggest surprise.

No Apple Tablet


Though the release of an Apple touchscreen tablet now seems inevitable, it probably won’t appear at this event, that’s scheduled for 2010. Tomorrow’s Apple keynote is a music-centric event focused on iPods and iTunes, not on a brand new computing product. It also appears to need a bit more time before it’s ready for the market.

Don’t hold your breath for a Tablet surprise, because you’ll probably pass out. Still, anything’s possible and the Tablet could blow us all away.

It could make 2010 a very exciting year. 2010 would be the year of the tablet, claiming Dell, Intel, HTC and other tech companies are preparing tablets to compete with Apple.


No, nothing new for iPhone atleast on the hardware side. But, you’re likely to hear more about the iPhone 3.1 OS upgrade which will provide — Bluetooth voice control and improved video editing controls should be part of the package. And while releasing the iPhone 3.1 OS during the keynote would make sense followed by activation bundle of MMS for AT&T customers, which would make its release date September 25th.

The Rise of The Fallen: Steve Jobs

More than anything else, we all miss Steve Jobs. Nobody can deliver a keynote better than the God of Apple: Steve. when Steve speaks, the world Listens.

CNBC’s Jim Goldman said on Twitter that Jobs is “very likely” to appear at the Apple event. That’s good news, and if true, his return would make this a very momentous event.

sources: Mashable, AppleInsider, Macrumors, Wired, several others

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