5 Awesome Firefox Addons

Firefox AddonsFirefox may be slow but Addons is what keeps it all alive and kicking. Most of use lots of them, still hungry for gettings handson new ones. Here are 5 Awesome FirefoxAddons you shouldn’t miss.

1. AutoPager: Tired of browsing through pages while you are looking for something? Paginate no longer with this addon you can get  AJAX like page loads while you scroll. The plugin is compatible with most websites [atleast all search engines googleyahoobing, etc.] that use pagination.

Download [Also Available on Chrome]

2. Firefox 4 Transformation: With few addons here and there you can get a perfect looking Firefox 4. Sure it’s more of an Eye candy, but cleans-up the clutter like combining URL and search bars, removing Menu bar, etc. More at: Firefox 4 Theme Transformation.

3. Make Older Extensions Compatible: Every time and then new version of Firefox arrives or we deliberately tryout Alpha/Beta builds, older extensions just don’t work. Hail, here is the trick you can do by adding Night tester tools addons. More details: Make Old Extensions Compatible with Firefox (any version)

4. IETab: Even though we hate IE, still we often hunt down to this base browser when we are stuck by an outdated website which doesn’t support other browsers. With this addon you can open IE in a new tab.


5. Yet Another Smooth Scrolling: If you are iPhone or Opera browser user, you seriously miss smooth scrolling. Firefox’s default scrolling isn’t quite as refined as I like it. It supports up to three presets, which is nice for laptops. Keep one set for your touchpad and one for your mouse. I found the default settings for this addon to be very inadequate, however, raising up acceleration and smoothness(forepart) made it look alot better. You can customize to fit your needs.


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Bonus: I can’t hold myself back for this one: DownloadThemAll – This is a complete download accelerator/manager for firefox most people often overlook. In fact, it is the only efficient multithreaded downloader for firefox.

More AddonsExtensions:

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