Batman and Superman – Likes :: Dislikes

Batman and Superman have been around since our childhood and these characters only seem to evolve with us. We try to list out a few similarities (Likes) and dissimilarities (Dislikes) between the two superheroes.



  • Both lost their original parents, now supported by butler Alfred and Kent family
  • Both are high on morals, derived from their strong yet rudimentary upbringing.
  • Both have the old skool charm. Both Follow Mahatma Gandhi’s talisman of simple living, high thinking.
  • Both have symbols, depiting a certain personality
  • Both are loosers in their alternate lives, both lose touch with their possible opposite gender partners.
  • Both have One Man Army approach. Both prefer to go Solo
  • Both handle vilians trying to earn money through scruplous ways
  • Both have an awesome musical theme
  • Both hail from DC comics inventory



  • Batman is normal human being and superman is an alien. An alien with a sense of belonging towards lesser beings of earth
  • Batman heals with time like humans and superman heals in absence of kryptonite crystals and in presence of Sun
  • Batman is a science and technology genius, Superman is a rural kid who has his roots deep into nature
  • Batman has been a cape crusader guzzling tonnes of smoke by burning non-renewable fuels, superman has been an ardent supporter of renewable Solar energy and draws his powers from the Sun
  • Batman is from high strata family and is a charmer at high society parties, superman is still the rural kid who has issues in coping with urban social life
  • Batman is  master of strategy, predicts situations and sets up booby traps in anticipation. Superman plays as it goes.
  • Batman has a tool / gadget for every situation, Superman has his steel body for with one sole tool called “brute force”
  • Batman uses stealth, ‘shock n awe’ approach. Superman announces his arrival from miles away, at times, vilian knows he is approaching
  • Batman uses more brain, Superman uses more brawn
  • Batman has a utility belt which apart from holding his underwear over the pants, houses various gas / smoke producing mini-bombs. Superman’s belt only holds his red underwear through the loops
  • Batman has mask made out of high tech kevlar materials, superman has a face of steel
  • Batman has no particular hairstyle when wearing mask, superman will have his signature curl over his forehead which for some reason makes him hard to distinguish from Clark Kent
  • Batman has a cave to ponder onto his thoughts, Superman has Louis’ balcony
  • Batman is called upon by Gordon by flashing bat signal in the sky, superman reads thoughts
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