Best of CES 2014 – The Self-Drifting car – BMW M235i

This year’s CES is all about wearable tech, 4k, 8k large TVs, innovative startups and self-driven Autonomous cars.

Audi has come up with a new self-driven car called the A7 that can make your journey comfortable as soon as you hit the highway. This is just like what we saw with Google self-driven cars minus the giant ugly-ass radar, camera and sensors mounted all over the place. Audi with its A7 has managed to pack all of them under the hood, making it look like a normal sedan.

Normally when we think of Self-driven cars, we think of comfort and pleasant drive but BMW is taking to whole new level, they are adding fun and spicing it up. BMW has taken a giant-leap ahead by bringing a revolution in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine learning (ML) and Neural networks. With their new algorithms and engineering in place, they can make an autonomous do most racing men cannot.


BMW’s new M235i coupe is capable of drifting across the racing track at high speeds maintaining the dynamics of the car in perfection as it turns through the curvy roads of a track. Its unlike anything we’ve seen so far. The M5 can not only complete a hurdle race faster than any human, it does it a level of perfection un-achievable by experts.

The verge had a chance to go handson with this autonomous racing monster and they were amazed:

With new ultra-sonic radar and 360-degree stereo camera technology, BMW’s autonomous driving assistant is also intelligent enough to change lanes to overtake slower vehicles and then pull back. This is something competition still finds hard to tackle with. This coupe is also capable of showing the optimal line around a race track, accelerating hard down straights and lining up corner apexes perfectly.

BMW has estimated to mass produce this car by 2020 at an affordable price of $75,000. Meanwhile, they would keep releasing cars with subset of M235i’s features.

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