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Are you tired of the slow web interface of your blogging application where attaching a single image is a trouble and formatting? I got a solution for you. This will change your blogging experience forever. It is the easiest way of blogging offline/online without opening your Blog from browser.

Windows Live Writer is a revolutionary Blogging Tool. Here is how and what beautiful features it gives you.

Configure your Blog

When Live writer is started for the first time, It asks you the type of the blog you want to use and the login information. After this Live writer does a test post to your Blogging engine (wordpress in my case). The test post let’s Live writer understand and download the look and feel of your blog. Thereafter, those CSS formatting, color scheme is available offline for all your future offline blogging.

At anytime you can see the source or preview with all your blogs just like you see here, that too all offline without any wordpress delays. Its all truly LIVE!

Feature Overview

As mentioned, it let’s you quickly adapt to your theme. Writing new blogs is much more cleaner and smoother than that web interface we see in wordpress or any other blog. It does a quick MS Word like spell-check. Also, Just like any other MS doc you can inset Hyperlinks, Picture, Photo album, Table, Map,Tags,Video, other plugins in a much easier way. In fact, the plugins can be used to integrate your “source view” to your favorite editing software like Frontpage or Dreamweaver(in case you need it).

You can quickly save Local or Server Drafts, Publish your article, also there is option to Save draft and edit online, which quickly lets you upload it and make further changes from your regular interface.

It downloads all your Categories as well. You can choose the categories while creating new posts. Also, you can create new categories as you would do with your web-interface.

I loved the fact that Images can be inserted and Formatting more faster and its all more feature-full. You can also add effects to your images or use the inbuilt stylesheet of your blog.

I hope It will make your Blogging life much more easier and fun.

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