Better than Retina Display: Ortustech 458ppi does 1080p in 4.8″

Apple iPhone 4 features so called World’s best Display on cellphone, but it would no longer hold true.

Ortustech, a relatively unpopular brand, has unveild the world’s smallest full HD TFT display sizing only 4.8-inch.

Ortustech is a joint venture of Casio & Toppan. The panel developed does 1080p in under 5″ display using the “HAST (Hyper Amorphous Silicon TFT), which is based on microfabrication technology, liquid crystal alignment technology, a driving technique was achieved by evolution. The resolution hence achieved is 458ppi, which is way higher than iPhone’s 326ppi.

If we go by apple’s claims, Ortustech’s display is way higher than human eye’s capacity. On the other fronts, Viewing angle up / down left and right 160 degrees with Color depth of 16.77 million colors, NTSC 72% color gamut.

The panel will be announced on November 9 in Munich, Germany and to be exhibited in February, next year.

However, it still pales in comparison to that little 546ppi panel Casio announced back in 2008, which still hasn’t been announced.

via impress

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