Buy Antshares Crypto currency – All you need to know

Antshares is a crypto currency and has its roots in China. In fact, Antshares was China’s first ever original and open source public chain project. Antshares is an evolved digital currency that combines the blockchain attributes of Bitcoin with Digital assets. During June, 2014, Antshares got its first seed funding and there has been no looking back. Some say Antshares is the Ethereum of China and others strongly believe that Antshares is extremely undervalued.

At present Antshares’ token ANS can be purchased on,and 19800. Out of these, only Bittrex exchange is based out of China.

In order to buy Antshares, you need to transfer some Bitcoins (BTC) to your Bittrex wallet & then convert BTC to ANS.

First thing first, you need BTC to buy ANS, at present there is no way to buy Antshares directly by spending Dollars. If you don’t own any BTC, head to any of the popular exchanges that allow you to convert USD to BTC. Some of the popular Bitcoin exchanges in USA are Bitcoin of America, Coinbase, etc. Even if you are from outside of USA, there are plenty of regional exchanges, you can choose one from the listings on Bitcoin website. Bitcoin exchanges usually have their own wallet service so once you convert your home currency to BTC, you can keep them in wallet provided by the exchange.

Once you got yourself a wallet, now head over to Bittrex as this is the exchange where you can buy/bid for BTC. Bittrex does not allow direct conversion from USD to BTC, that’s why you need to get BTC from elsewhere and then come to Bittrex to complete your Antshares purchase. Sign up process at Bittrex is simpler than signing up for an email id. However there is a steep learning curve required for their Dashboard. If you have been trading in stock markets, especially currency markets, the learning curve may not be as steep.

Now you need to transfer your already purchased Bitcoins to Bittrex wallet. Head over to Wallets tab on the Bittrex website and find Bitcoin in the list of crypto – currencies. Once you find Bitcoin, just click on “+” icon and this will open a dialogue which will ask you to “generate” a Bitcoin wallet address an you will get a long string of alphanumeric code in the text box within seconds. This is your Bitcoin wallet address with Bittrex. Then go to your Bitcoin wallet where you purchased Bitcoins previously and make a transfer to this new address. Now you’ll have Bitcoins in Bittrex wallet and you can proceed to purchase / bid for Antshares.

Click on BTC “Markets” tab on top and you’ll get many Bitcoin linked currency markets, this is where you choose BTC-ANS to enter Antshares market. Here like any typical currency / stock market you’ll see latest trade data like volume, Bid, Ask, etc.

Go down to “Buy Antshares” section and enter values in the fields given there, these are: Units, Bid, Type, Time in force, Total. Once you’ve made your selection, hit “+ Buy Antshares” button. And viola! your order for Antshares is placed and you’re now witness to an alleged ground breaking currency. A currency that is expected to bring a revolution in system of decentralized payments to the world as we know it.

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