Bypass iPhone iOS 5.0.1 Lockscreen Password

iOS is the most insecure  smartphone OS. Among the many instances, it has been hacked in a number of ways with hackers finding newer vulnerabilites in the iOS.

iOS 5.0.1 lets you bypass the Lockscreen without much of an hassle. Immediately, you’ll get access to recent calls, contacts, favorites and you can even make calls without unlocking with the password.

The security flaw is said to be present on all iPhone versions running iOS 5 i.e. iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S. Your iPhone may not have been Jailbroken, but the hack still works.

Its not very straightforward but repetitive attempts leads to the vulnerability that opens the Phone application without unlocking. It occurs when attempting to reply to a missed call notification from the lockscreen while the network is ‘searching’ for a signal. The iPhone Islam team replicate the search network requirement by removing the SIM card, waiting until searching shows up in the top left hand corner of the device and then swiping the missed call notification on the lockscreen to reply to the call. However, an easier way to do is to take the iPhone to a weak signal area or use the antennae gate to reduce the signal.

Once successful, device immediately gives access to the Phone application on the iPhone Contacts list and viewing an individual contacts data. It also allows quick launch of the SMS and email applications which can be abused in a large umber of ways.

Well, It’s embarrassing Apple! There’s no fix for this as of now.

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