Can Collaboration Deliver a $100 Billion Stimulus Package? Cisco Discusses

Collaboration is one key area every company still need alot to work on. Right kind of Collaboration tools can do wonder for you and your business.

Most Business models today rely on basic collaboration that includes nothing more than Email, IM, Screen sharing. Which is barely sufficient, for atleast the way they think about it.

What is meant by a Good Collaboration has alot more than these inferior ways of communication.

– Unified Communications – A single device that lets you control over everything. It can be a single messenger/ gadget that can handle your VoIP, Messages/Emails, instant messaging, Realtime Video conferencing and NextGeneration Screen sharing/control.
How do you end up cutting Cost?

Travel – As per Gartner, business spent $41 Billion in last year alone for travel. Imagine the scope of savings when you no longer have to travel because of proper Collaboration tools like Cisco’s Telepresence, etc.

Time – Time is Money for every business. Improper communication tools has discouraged fast business models to evade deals at faster rates. The means of accessibility, travel, access to data, analytics; everthing causes delays in the business and hence heavy losses.

Acoording to a research, 60% of the time today is spent achieving what could have been possible to achieve, with proper collaboration, in only 10% of the time.

Let’s hear more for Cisco’s experts of collaboration –

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