Chrome 8 Dev available with Hardware acceleration, WebGL 3D Gaming

With Chrome 7, Hardware acceleration started to appear, with plans to accelerate chrome 7 stable withs 60x performance improvement.

The latest Chrome Dev builds now “upgrade” from the last Chromium 7.0.548.0 to Chromium 8.0.549.0 fixes just one bug with the sync feature.

Chrome 7 is targeted to all under the hood enhancements and almost nothing for th user appeal. Chrome 8 will change this. In addition, it will continue to improve the performance with  full hardware acceleration and support for native 3D graphics via the proposed WebGL standard, bringing IE9’s hardware performance out of the context.

WebGL promises hardware accelerated 3D graphics which go deep down the Operating system level (native API) to enable web developers to bridge the gap between desktop and the web when it comes to gaming. So what this means is that Games on the web would be as capable as native Games. All in all, good news for all Gamers, its going to get cheaper, more portable than ever.

Chrome 8 also adds new features to Chrome Labs. Some come especially handy for Chrome OS, like the Background WebApps feature, Remoting and, to a lesser degree, the Cloud Print feature, Chrome Instant – Google Instant in chrome.

Chrome 8 dev is just the preview of some basic features, more stuff is coming as it goes stable. Its going to prove-out to be very interesting release for a couple more reasons, both the Chrome Web Store and Chromium OS are scheduled to launch in the same time period.

Download Chrome Dev 8.0.549.0

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