Chrome 7 gets Instant Search, Acceleration

Google Chrome is making some good progress towards promised 60x acceleration of Chrome 7.0 browser.

Google has released issued its first beta edition of Chrome 7.0.517.24, (~ Tuesday’s developer-channel release). There are no viusal changes to the user but a lot of stuff is being fueled under the hood. The about:labs adds a new FEature to it: Google Instant search from Chrome’s SearchBar

The new features include the activation by default of the WebGL 3D graphics technology, and some hardware acceleration for some CSS transformations.

As Google states it:
“A lot of the work that’s being done in 7.0 is largely not user facing and in some cases is a legitimate work in progress,” said Chrome team member Anthony Laforge in a response to comments criticizing the version 7 release as insufficiently novel. “With our new release cycle and about:labs, I’d suggest you stay tuned, things are going to start moving quite fast.”

The about:labs feature on Windows presents new experimental options for Chrome users. Also through about:labs, Windows gets an upgrade to the omnibox, the dual-purpose address and search bar, so it shows the search-as-you-type behavior of Google Instant. It’s awkward at this stage–the omnibox drop-down covers the top search results–but it will improve over the course of time.

A lot more hardware acceleration is pending, but its perfectly possible that it would finish full cooked in Chrome 7 stable.

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