Chrome 14 vs Firefox 7 vs Opera vs IE9 Benchmark

There was a time in Browser wars when every performance test was Owned by Chrome or Opera. Firefox continues to dominate the market share with Chrome trying to fill the gap.

Firefox 7 is released and its back to re-capture those early days when it used to be among the leaders. Lets see how they bechmark against each other for various tests:

Test system: Tests were conducted on Core i7 Macbook 6gb DDR3 RAM, Windows 7 & OSX Lion.

Matrix: A Relative matrix has been used to make graphs easy to read.

Benchmark Tests:

  • SunSpider Tests
  • Generic Javascript operations
  • DOM / CSS operations
  • Startup time

Performance Results:

Overall performance: Chrome 14 vs Opera 11.5 vs Firefox 7 IE9

Firefox seems to have recovered from the times where it used to be a low performer. Chrome is still holds the top position overall, on Windows & Mac. However, Chrome 14 was slower than Opera on Windows.

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