Cloud based Games On-Demand [OnLive]

No matter Notebooks, PCs are becoming faster and better on graphics but the idea for Cloud Games-on-demand still make alot more sense.

Apart from technical benefits like prevailing thin-clients, platform independence; it can discourage piracy and reduce time to hit the market for game developers. OnLive had been over this concept since along while. They’ve demoed LIVE gaming via TV, PC, Mac in the past nothing was as detailed as the recent one. The video is lengthy but worth every second as it takes you into a convincing zone.

Update: The service is going LIVE in  June.

Here’s a  breakdown of the video: CEO Steve Perlman goes over the technology that makes this possible, routing it to U.S. within the tolerance Network delay of 80ms, then he discusses OnLive user interface (11:53), followed by an inevitable Crysis Wars demo (16:35) with blazing graphics, Brag Clips (17:49), and of course the iPhone app (19:31) and Q&A at 33:14.

Though cellphone integration is still limited to primarily spectating and social networking functions, PCs and Macs can get gaming via a 1MB browser plugin, or you can grab the microconsole streaming box for your TV. This microconsole goes free for with OnLive subscriptions. Watch the Video:

Ain’t that powerful? I thought these must be powered by AMD Fusion and  NVidia RealityServer cloud, or may be both of them combined with Lucid Hydra. But the CEO explains a different story.

This makes me believe Cloud Desktop computing (like Chrome OS) could go true end-user desktop quickly, provided cloud apps are designed in a good way.

What do you think?

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