Online/Cloud Video Editing on Youtube

Till now it was messy and time consuming if you wanted to Clip, combine multiple videos to one and then process them for long durations, especially on low end laptops.

From today onwards, the pain is over, YouTube has announced Online/ Cloud-based Video editing tool that gives users power and flexibility in the uploaded videos like never before.

The new YouTube editor allows

  • Trimming Videos
  • Mix and match clips
  • Add music (swap sound)
  • Combine multiple videos in custom fashion

Although its no replacement for Pro offline tools like Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro, but it sure gives user a lot of convenience. So next time you have multiple Videos on your Android phone, combining them all to make all new production is just launching browser (with flash) away.

The Interface

Youtube Video Editor gives users a very familiar interface : For instance, to combine videos, just drag thumbnails from their existing assets into the timeline/filmstrip at the bottom. Once placed there, you can edit and trim those videos by selecting the obvious scissors icon. Not just that, full Preview is available before you can save it as a new video. The new video would then have option to add title, description, tags just like a newly uploaded video.

Although, YouTube isn’t the best  and/or the first Cloud Video editing app, still it adds lot of convenience.

In 2007, youtube had attempted to start a similar video editing a using Flash-based YouTube mixer, which was based on Adobe Premier Express. However, it was discontinued after it was found to be too buggy.  The new app sure looks way more polished and stable. Try it out.

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