Collaborative IDE Collide Open Sourced [Google Wave]

Collide, an free Collaborative IDE is Open Sourced by Google.

Remember Google Wave? One may recall it being shut down by Google but truth be told, it has lived hiding underneath various Google products. For example, Google+ Hangouts at its early stage was using the Wave protocol for its YouTube gadget, and now it is being used for code collaboration.

Collide is a free (and now Open Source) IDE that synchronizes your code on the physical disk. You can encourage your fellow programmers to collaboratively develop Application sin Java and various programming languages.

Collide IDE Demo:

You can give it a try (running for a day): (password: Google+)

Collide lets you do remote development/compilation/debugging. So if your on a cloud device like a Chromebook, Tablets, or any remote location, you can still do partial work. It is still early, but if the development is active, this would be one promising tool for any developer. This is the only free and open source tool of its kind and development is active.

Out of the box,  Collide is superb collaborative online editor. There’s lot on our wishlist like integration with version control systems like GIT, HG, and more.

IDE is state of the art start for future IDEs where collaborative development would become the defacto standard.

Collide Open Source project:

Run Collide on your local file system. Browse to (http://localhost:8080). Collaboratively develop applications.

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