Drycell Battery Performance, Lifetime Compared: Energizer, Duracell, Panasonic

Even after years of the invention of the Drycell Batteries, they are still hot. We still rely on them for most of our daily needs.

Whether these Drycells are chargeable or rechargeable, what matters the most while selecting one is their lifetime and cost-effectiveness matters the most.

Consumers are always confused about which Battery should they buy, wether its long life or cost-effectiveness. To solve this problem, Denis decided to test several brands of batteries and see which battery delivers best value and life.

He brought every single high-end drycell battery variants of AA cells. With the help of an Arduino circuit, he began testing how much energy each brand provides. Arduino was used to measure the voltage across a load every second until the battery reached 0.2V. The elapsed time, as well as the voltage, Watt hours, Joules, and ambient temperature are logged on an attached LCD screen and sent over a USB serial link to automate the data collection process.

In most cases, I bought the batteries in packs of 4. It’s interesting to take the cost of each battery (pack cost / pack size) and combine that with the measured capacity:

HEre is the full graph of per watt cost of each cell, lower being better of course:


Well, the results speak by themselves. All the dodgy names like ‘super,’ ‘max,’ and ‘ultra’ didn’t actually meant good results. The best overall battery came out to be  a random brand called RS Power Ultra and the worst being Panasonic Evolta cells that came in at about $1.50 USD per watt-hour.

Denis’s code and work is available at Github.

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