Control Android from Gtalk, get Instant Notifications

Notifier app for Android delivered all alerts– notifications for calls, SMS, battery status to your PC over Wifi. But what if you wish to do all that plus control your Android Phone, wirelessly?

The new app called TalkMyPhone lets you do all that and more using Gtalk. This application opens a gtalk conversation with you to Notify the following:

  • Incoming sms
  • Incoming calls, before it even rings on your actual phone (this is the fastest thing)
  • Battery state

And you can control your Android phone with following commands:

  • Reply to the incoming sms from PC (using “reply:<message>“) e.g. “reply: see yaa soon, I`ll be there”.
  • Send sms from PC (using “sms:<contact>:<message>” – contact can be a name or a phone number)
  • Read last 5 sms from a contact (using “sms:<contact>” with no argument)
  • make you phone ring in case you loose it (using “ring”)
  • Find your Phones GeoLocation :  it will send you google maps links (using “where”)
  • Copy text to the keyboard (using “copy:<text>“)
  • Get Contact info (using “contact:<contact>“) e.g. “contact: father”. (Partial searches work.)
  • Open any url in Android Browser (just paste it in the conversation) and it will open URL in browser
  • Confused? Get commands help using ‘?’

Excited? Should be! This is the most powerful app I’ve ever seen on Android.

How to Setup TalkMyPhone

Its easy, you need to have two Gtalk accounts (one source & one destination, where you receive alerts). Just fill in the credentials and start the app’s service, you are all good. All future notifications will be delivered to destined Gtalk address and you takeon full control.

The best part is, its Open source.

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