Control Computer with Eyes [DIY]

If you thought gestural input was the end of the world, you are probably wrong. It’s possible to build a PC for cheap that can be controlled by your Eyes!

Eye controlled input has been around for a while, but it was never possible to DIY for cheap.

EyeWriter, a project that aims to help people suffering from ALS with creative technology, has come up with a innovative eye-tracker product that will make your computer dance with your eyeballs.

Watch it for yourself the proof of Concept:

It’s not hard to build this ground up if you have your basics right.  The complete step-by-step DIY guide is available. You can build it at fairly low price (around $50) bundled with a Open source software. Here’s what you need:

1x IR sensitive Camera – PS3 Eye . $39.95 US
1x camera-lens mount
— you can use the lens mount that comes with the PS3, but it is glue together and difficult to separate
— Lens holder, M12x0.5, 15.5, centered $6.00
1x cheap glasses $5.00
aluminum wire – 9-gauge wire $7.99
3x alligator clips – Radio Shack $7.00
a pack of wire-ties – Radio Shack $2.49
2x IR LEDs – Radio Shack $1.99
1x 8mm camera lens
and bit more of tools..

The complete guide can be found here [PDF].

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