Cracking open Palm Pre

Most highly hyped and much awaited Palm Pre “WebOS” has finally been released. The question on most everyone’s mind is how well this new smartphone lives up to its hype. It was once known to be called as iPhone killer. Every one was keen on knowing the hardware capabilities of this gadget. One way to find out is by Cracking Open the device and revealing the hidden technology inside. So that is exactly what one of my friends did. (BTW He’s an expert in mobile repairs, likes to open just any phone)

The chip technology and design engineering seen looked slick. The Hardware looks capable and promising. Some of the aspects like the processor can be said as to be better than that of the iPhone 3G (iPhone 3GS is faster than Pre)

From the crack opening, there are several observations about the Palm Pre:

  1. In general, this Palm hardware reminds us a lot more of Apple’s engineering style.
  2. The Pre logic board is substantially smaller than the iPhone logic board, which is very impressive considering how renowned Apple’s engineers are for shrinking hardware footprints.
  3. The Palm Pre is the first phone to use Texas Instrument’s new OMAP3 (Open Media Applications Processor) platform.
  4. The processor is a 600 MHz ARM Cortex A8 + PowerVR SGX 530 GPU (good enough for Decent Gaming, smooth graphics) + 430MHz C64x + DSP (digital signal processor) + ISP (Image Signal Processor).
  5. The Pre is definitely not an easy phone to service. There are lots of fragile and tricky tabs that will make putting the phone back together challenging.

Earlier, we had predicted that Palm Pre could be iPhone killer. But what do you think? Personally, it looks to be a fine phone, with a solid set of features and well designed inside and out. But I am not convinced that it is worth switching from my iPhone.

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