Dear Santa Jobs

Dear Santa Jobs,

We’ve been very thankful to all the gadgets and innovations you gave us through 2009. On the eve of Christmas, I need no more if you keep the iTablet promise.
We, the gadget freeks/geeks, have admired your return to Apple and pray for your good health and endless life. May you become CEO of the millennium, and continue to innovate the “User Experience.”

This time, we are having a different carol to show our love:

Dashing through the snow leopard
In a one Window open sleigh
O’er the PCs we go
Laughing all the iWay
Bells on AppleTV tails ring
Making iPhones 4g‘s future ding
What fun it is to laugh and sing
A sleighing iPod song tonight.

Jingle Steve Jingle Steve,
iTablet is on the way
Oh what fun would it be
to see iPhone 4G coming
on WWDC Two thousand ten (2010)!

Just keep up this promise
and Apple will never trail.

Merry X-Mas

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