DirectX 11 3D Games coming to Browsers

When I first watched Cloud-based Games-On-Demand via OnLive, I was amazed with the power of cloud rendering delivered to a dumb PC. At that time, a thought came to my mind “How about about having hardware accelerated Games in Browser, itself, may be that can create a new App Store for Gaming”. Flash 10.1 already seems to have taken the very first step, but it still is not good enough for the PC,  it leverages only a part of the GPU, and totally lacks any kind of DirectX support.

However, now it’s possible to experience DirectX 11 PC gaming within your browser, via a new forthcoming plug-in Vision Engine 8 from Trinigy.

Plugin is called  WebVision, and  will be available for all the usual web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera. The idea is that game developers can access all of the advanced features in the Vision Engine, but then enable them in a web browser with “a few easy clicks.”

Using WebVision, game developers will be able to “quickly create stunning 2D or 3D browser-based games complete with animated characters, rich graphics, believable AI and physics.”

How it Works

WebVision consists of two core components: The browser frontend and the Game backend. The frontend is a lightweight browser pluggable addon that takes care of all the communication between the web browser and the game. It checks system requirements, downloads content and validates it before executing it, and handles versioning of critical DLLs. The backend, in turn, is built into the game itself, which is executed by the frontend after download and verification.

Vision Engine v8 supports new PC hardware features, Which includes DirectX 11 and Shader Model 5 features such as tessellation and soft shadows. v8 also can also utilize all the 12 processing threads available with Intel‘s upcoming six-core Gulftown processor.

It will also feature Havok physics that lets Developers simulate static meshes, terrains, rigid bodies and character controllers. The engine already supports Nvidia‘s PhysX.

This is opening a new era in Browser based 3D games  as it provides a fully-fledged game engine with high-end graphics features, extensive scalability, a comprehensive tools set, multi-platform support and interfaces that allow both development in native C++ code and the scripting language Lua.

Trinigy’s Vision Engine is already used by a large number of big-name developers, including Ubisoft, Firefly and Atari, and its engine also forms the basis of plenty of good titles.

The Vision Engine 8 SDK will see public developer release in April, 2010. Stay Tuned.

[courtesy of Thinq]

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