Disable, Remove Carrier IQ Keylogger from Android

If you’re on iOS device like iPhone, your every activity is logged and you are out of luck. On Android phones like Official Google flagship Nexus series, there is no Career IQ present. However, phones locked to networks like Sprint, AT&T, Verizon to have traces of keyloggers / Career IQ which monitor your full phone activity. We’ll help you disable and remove them.

Carrier IQ is a tool that runs on almost all modern smartphones, installed by your own favorite carrierrunning the app on one of their own phones. This is basically a keylogger that captures all your keystrokes & monitors user’s full phone activity.

How to Remove, Disable Carrier IQ Keylogger

Logging Checker is a too developed by Trevor Eckhart, which checks logging activity on your phone and lets you know where the logging data is going to. Besides checking Carrier IQ logs, it can look for Google and HTC Usage logs, Dropbox logs etc. It lets you check app usage logs in a UI as well as giving you some pretty strong internet security features (like enabling HTTPS wherever possible and more).

It checks:

  • Check CIQ files (Root Only)– Sees if CIQ exists in your system
  • Check Google Usage Logs(Root Only)– Checks for logs in /data/system/usagestats
  • Check HTC Usage Logs (Root Only)– Checks for logs in /data/system/appusagestats
  • Check Devlog (Root Only) – Checks /devlog partition, written out by htc_ebdlogd
  • Check Dropbox Logs(Root Only)– Checks for logs in /data/system/dropbox
  • Check UserBehavior DB(Root Only)– Reads user Behavior monitoring database
  • AppUsage UI – See app usage logs in UI
  • CIQ APP UI – Attempts to open all known CIQ Activities
  • Start HTCLoggers – Start HTC Logging Activities

This app has started to turn into a full security suite. It can be used to verify what logging is being done on your phone and where data is going to. It will assist you in manually removing parts you do not running (see post#1), or you can go pro for automatic everything (and support me).

We had a chance to check this app on various unlocked Android devices, and we found Carrier IQ was not present on Samsung Galaxy S, SII, Nexus S. However, it is definitely present on carrier specific locked phones.

Go ahead and launch the application, tap on CIQ Checks and then read the scrolling text at the bottom which will let you know if it found Carrier IQ activity or not.

Free app only checks the presence, paid version can assist you in removing it. Download Logging Checker [Official Thread], Get Logging Checker Pro [Market]

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