DIY Build Cheap 1080p HD Projector

HD is the Defacto standard for you LCD TVs and Home entertainment. 1080p or FullHD Movies is the best that is available today for the end-user. HD is addictive. Once you watch something over HD, there’s no looking back at SD.

The Bad thing about buying a full HD projector is the cost. A decent one can cost you more than a grand, in fact good ones will cost in multiples. So how do we fulfill the HD Projector dream? Yes, Build it yourself.

Thanks to the tutorial presented by techzilla, it’s cheap to build. watch the video.

In case Video doesn’t work, click here to open in new Window.

The starting point for the self rigged 1080p HD projector is a 120V S15 Mega-Kit from Lumenlab. The Lumenlab kit gives a leg up with all the different components for the projector setup. The kit includes:

  • S15 Projection Lens Triplet to focus the light.
  • Fresnel lens to shape the reflected light
  • LL/Vue 400w eBallast powering the 400W 6500K bulb.
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Another guide is available on their Wiki.

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