DIY Build Google Glass with RaspberryPi

Project Glass by Google is uber cool, but its expensive at $1500 and you won’t have handson till Q2 2013.

Why wait if you can build one yourself? Well, using the popular portable linux gadget, Raspberry Pi, you can create your own sort-of Google Glass.

What is Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi is an OpenSource portable $25 ARM based Linux hardware that you can carry along. It is a full fledged PC without the cords and mess and runs at as low as 5watts. Since its launch, it has been hackers and DIY’ers favorite gadget. Like Arduino, you can google for a number of DIY projects for RasberryPi.

DIY Google Glass with Raspberry Pi

Folks form MakerBar were able to put together a wearable computer based on the Raspberry Pi that matches Google Glass in its basic functionality and outlook.

The cost of this DIY project is just under $100, a fair price to turn you into a Cyborg. Not bad for a fully-functional wearable computer, especially one with connectivity and around four hours of battery!

This DIY RaspberryPi based Google Glass consists of small Bluetooth keyboard and mouse combo, and a USB charger equipped with lithium-ion battery.

Zach fitted it with a 2GB micro-SD card in the excellent Quilix pIO mini-adapter, Raspbian, a Duracell phone recharger, and a cheapo mini keyboard-trackpad combo. Apart from the video cable, the system is totally wireless!. He zip-tied the RasPi to my belt and the keyboard to my wrist. Everything is wearable with zip ties!

The hardest part of the DIY project is find a wearable display. Among one fo the options, you can use MyVu Crystal video glasses, or any other Gaming glasses. You will have to disassemble those glasses to match the design of a Google Glass.

Checkout this guide on how disassemble a MyVU Gaming glass.

Apart from the RCA cable connecting the Raspi to the glasses, the project is completely wireless; with a small webcam also mounted to the display, the Pi in the Face could easily be a platform for figuring out what to do with Google’s Project Glass.

Other than that, its not optimized for HUD. There will be specially-written HUD apps designed for minimal input and big text. But as on now, there aren’t any.

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    Kind of clever, not a bad idea; good for budgets. However you are right, it would need special apps.

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