DIY Build Spectrometer for Cheap

A spectrometer is an instrument that takes light from some source and splits it into its different wavelengths. Simplest form of Spectrometer can be achieved through diffraction grating. Its the same phenomena that you see with what happens to light when it passes through Prism.

The constructive interference of light with different wavelengths interfere at different angles makes the spectrum effect that you normally see with a Prism.

Spectroscopes are often used in astronomy and some branches of chemistry. Early spectroscopes were simply prisms with graduations marking wavelengths of light. Modern spectroscopes generally use a diffraction grating, a movable slit, and some kind of photodetector, all automated and controlled by a computer.

You can create a simple Spectrometer with a cheap Spectral glass as explained in the DIY video below:

How to Analyze Data
1. Take a picture of the image. This can be hard at times, but if you play well with it, you can get a nice image.
2. Next, you need to download Tracker Video Analysis. It does more than just analyze videos. Or you can also use Logger Pro.

Few ideas, what you can do with Spectral images.

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