DIY Build Camera Video, Image Stabilization [Gyroscope]

Most modern smartphone and DSLR cameras have decent Video Image stabilization, in order to compensate for your jerking hands.

No matter how precise your hands may be, its still prone a good amount of shake. That’s exactly where Video Stabilization and Image Stabilization comes into play.

David came across the Glenn Turner’s low-cost precision gyroscopes camera stabilizers.  Although these are decent ones and priced decently, professional grade, and highly priced options are certainly available.

DIY Build Camera Video, Image Stabilization

Step 1. Building a bracket to hold the gyroscope gimbals and camera.
Use a sheet of aluminum to make the bracket’s main body. Screw two 1/8″-thick aluminum pieces 2″ x 0.54″ with flat undercut machine screws to the aluminum plate. These make sure that the gyroscopes are the right position by grabbing onto the groove of the center beam that is part of the gimbals mount sold by for their Super Precision Gyroscope.

Step 2. Mount the two gyroscope gimbals at 90 degrees from each other (or at 75 degrees per Kenyon’s patent) with a 3 mm (M3) machine screw.

Step 3. Mount the components of the’s rate gyro kit to each gyroscope before setting them on the gimbals.

Step 4. Screw an 80/20 aluminum bracket (McMaster 47065T175) to the aluminum plate. Mount your camera onto the aluminum bracket using a 1/4″ thumb screw.

Here is a video that was taken with camera’s Image stabilization off and Our own Video Image stabilization toggled on and off. This test is very idealistic as it was shot walking by a street. The video was not edited in by any chance:

The advantage is certainly there, the video and Image stabilization provided by this DIY setup is way more  superior than that of an averagely priced lens, and better than high-end provided you built it nicely with nice equipment.

The following video from a Kenyon Labs stabilizer where you get to see how the professional version of the stabilizer performs:

Kenyon KS-8 Gyro test from Pearson on Vimeo.

You should be interested in these Image stabilizer in case you already have a good lens with poor or no stabilization and don’t want to buy a better lens for a hefty price just for the sake of IS (Image stabilization or Optical Steady Shot).

For serious photographers, I would recommend Glenn Turner ( He will release a camera to the market in a few months which will have around 4 times more torque and will be properly encased. details are impressive and available here

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