DIY HowTo Build Speech Jammer Gun

If you hate annoying conversations at your workplace where a lady next to you is talking relentless to her friends, its time to teach her a lesson with an effective Speech Jamming Gun.

Speech Jamming could come handy at any place anytime whether its a classroom or a boring speech.

How Speech Jamming Gun Works

Basic concept is fairly simple: Echo kills speech. It’s very hard to speak if your words are recorded and played back to you a fraction of a second later. This is a real psychological phenomenon known as delayed audio feedback that also has a beneficial effect on stuttering. In real world if you speak into a microphone in a and speaker echos, one finds it really difficult to speak.

The SpeechJammer works by measuring the distance to the ‘target’ with an ultrasonic distance sensor and records the speaker’s voice with a shotgun mic. The recording of the spearker’s voice is delayed for about a 1/5th of a second and then played on a speaker on the front of the gun.

Kurihara and Tsukada have simply built a handheld device consisting of a microphone and a  speaker that does just that: it records a person’s voice and replays it to them with a delay of about 0.2 seconds. The microphone and speaker are directional so the device can be aimed at a speaker from a distance, like a gun.

Sadly, they report that it has no effect on meaningless sound sequences such as “aaaaarghhh”.

The Full whitepaper PDF is available here.

Clearly, speech jamming has a significant future role in contributing to world peace, should be installed at all chatty public places.

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  • Roberto Candela

    Hopefully someone will make a Speechjammer apps Android for mobile phones

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