Doteasy WebHosting Review

Creating your own website can sometimes be expensive from registering for a domain name to availing a hosting package. Not to mention, if you are not a developer yourself, the cost for hiring your own web-designer or developer adds-up. It could also be challenging as well especially when trying to search for the right web hosting provider for your site. For that reason, some people just get frustrated without even trying the first step in setting up a website. Well, it doesn’t always have to be like that. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of options you can resort to if you’re short on the budget.

One of the best free web hosting provider around is “Doteasy”. They offer from free web hosting (which is totally free) up to unlimited hosting for only $9.95 per month.

They also offer domain name registration services and already have over 160,000 active domain users.

I’ve seen Unlimited hosting from several other providers, the key distinguishers for Doteasy, (Apart from what is mentioned in the above image) are:

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee (this is very important, Even DreamHost, Bluehost don’t offer that)
  • Park Unlimited Domains (Only few others provide this in that much price)
  • Free Security Features: shared, Private SSL Support, IP Deny manager, HotLink protection, GnuPG Keys (Most of the time you will have to pay extra for this)
  • Unlimited email accounts with auto-responders, forwarders (Most hosting providers limit it to 25 or lower)
  • Support: Reliable Support available via Emails, tickets, Telephone.

One of my friends has been using their service for quiet a long time(around 7 years), and he was the first one to point me to this one. I’ve now being recommending the service to every one of my clients who need PHP/CGI/Perl.

Here is one random review:

10 years with Doteasy, Thanks
– by Pierre ( on 20 February 2010

” I hosted at least 5 sites at Doteasy and every time it was so easy. Great support, great service, I recommended them to so many people, they deserve it. “

You can checkout couple of other User reviews here. Of course there are few negatives, which are just individual experiences, which can happen to anyone using any hosting. But, Overall, they have 95% +ve reviews, which is far higher than their competitors. There are several others on google too and most are in-line with what I just mentioned.

Aside from that, they have a very special offer right now for those who are planning to set up their own website. With this current promo, you can register any domain name like .com, .net, .org for only $5.95 and already get a cPanel free hosting as well.

Their free hosting package comes with a lot of great features and web tools to help you get a better experience compared to what other free web hosts offer. To redeem this promo, simply use the coupon code  100223DN or click the link below:

Signup with DotEasy (same coupon is mentioned on their homepage)

Feel free to share your experiences.

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