Drive Your Car using iPhone

On the App Store, there’s almost an App for anything. You want to control electrical appliance, no problem there is an App. You want to control your home, there is an app. You think it, iPhone has it.

Here comes something which of course we won’t use in everyday life but might find very interesting – Driving Car from iPhone. (There had been several fake videos on this, but this one is Real)

The Spirit of Berlin team has developed an iPhone app to remotely control Car. To achieve this, they didn’t have to do much to the vehicle because the platform was  developed for the 2007 Darpa Urban Challenge.

How it works: No rocket science here, the iPhone connects with the driving circuitry via WiFi. It the car onboard circuitry offeres three types of controls:

  1. Steering wheel
  2. Gas (Accelerator throttling)
  3. Brakes.

All of these have gradual changes instead of sudden throttling. e.g. acceleration is intentionally kept low so that Car doesn’t run away, too soon.

Steering, like many other iPhone games, is controlled via accelerometer. What makes this App really useful and practical for Future is the the front camera video being transmitted to iPhone in Realtime. But right now it’s limited by the WiFi antenna range mounted on top of the vehicle.

Watch it in action:

Take this: Driving remotely via 2-way 3G cellular. This app will come to life. What happens to driving license, though, I’m not sure. 🙂

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