ELAC Debut B6 Review

When you move, you have to leave behind lot of things. I sold my Monitor Audio RX6 before I moved to California. Bay area has its feel to it. Leave behind that fast life of the city and stay in valley. And you realize you need the speakers that synchronize with world outside.

This time when I was looking for speakers, I was in for Bookshelves, especially B&W 685 S2. For years these speakers have been a benchmark for anything under a grand. Just before I made the purchase I was recommended for Andrew Jones’ new ELAC debut series B5, B6. Andrew Jones is known to do wonders on a budget.

Meet the ELAC Debut B6

The preorder was worth the wait. These speakers out of the box sounded sweeter than most speakers under the grand. Minutes later, I decided them to run-in for 20 hours.

Post run-in the speakers opened up to wider soundstage and sweeter vocals.

I’m left surprised how a sub $300 speakers can do that much. B6 is well behaved, well detailed, powerful workhorse that begs to be played loud.
I’ve been listening to jazz, electronic, pop and classics and overall they’re good all rounders.
The setup – Marantz SR680 + Chromecast audio.
1. Chromecast audio -> optical out* -> DAC + Receiver -> Speakers
2. Android TV (Nvidia Shield TV) -> TV optical out * -> DAC + Receiver -> Speakers.
*Using an optical audio splitter bought from amazon.
elac b6
Lows: Though these speakers are still breaking-in, they already have adequate bass for my music listening [I’m not bass head]. Even the deeper bass drums sound so natural. If they get better (which they will), this should be adequate for movies unless you’re looking for ground shaking bass.
Mids: the mids sound okay. Vocals sound bit artificial and hesitant at times. But I’m hoping this to do better eventually.
Highs: The detail in highs are nothing to complain about. They’re better than most speakers under a grand. They don’t sound as airy as B&W 685 s2, but I won’t complain at this price point.
Soundstage: Wide soundstage, good separation in most instruments. Its not groundbreaking wide, but more than anything you would expect at this price.


Good music was never so affordable. Better than anything under $700.

Whether you’re an entry level audiophile or planning to get 2nd set of bookshelves, B6 won’t disappoint. Pair the Debut B6 with a decent integrated amp like Marantz and you’d have a killer budget, yet fully audiophile-grade stereo system.

These speakers blow away the competition at a very competitive price without sacrificing quality. The ELAC Debut B6 is that speaker. It’s a stunning achievement. Thank you Andrew!

Buy ELAC B6 from Amazon

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