Enable AirPlay from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch on Mac

After making it possible to Enable AirPlay with all apps on iOS Phone, iPod Touch,  Erica Sadun has now released AirPlayer for Mac OS X which mimics as Apple TV (2nd-gen) to playback videos from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to your Mac. Its always a good idea to play video on a huge HD cinema display than your portable devices when you are nearby.

How AirPlay for Mac works

AirPlayer is the app that makes AirPlay on Mac possible. AirPlayer creates and advertise a custom Bonjour AirPlay service that pretends to be an Apple TV. Bonjour is Apple’s zero configuration networking solution for allowing devices and applications to communicate with each other over local area networks. When Apple created AirPlay, it basically set up a new way for Apple TV to interact with iOS using Bonjour communications.

AirPlayer is a basic OS X application that more or less pretends to be an Apple TV. By interacting with iOS devices the same way that Apple TV does and providing the same kinds of services and feedback, AirPlayer allows you to use your iDevice’s built in AirPlay support to send video to your Mac.

Update: Reflection App Mirrors iPhone, iPod Tocuh, iPad to Mac OS X 10.6 or higher.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand any of that, all you need to do is install the app from the link at the bottom. No jailbreaking, no extra effort, all you need is an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch which is running iOS 4.2.1, and a Mac running AirPlayer software.

Note: If you plan on using AirPlay with third-party apps you will have to jailbreak your iOS device on iOS 4.2.1, and Enable AirPlay with all apps. Default apps work as is, watch it in action below, and Download:

Download AirPlayer (Mac)

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