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iphone tether ios4

Tethering your iPhone on iOS4 gets super simple. With MyWi 4, you can share your 3G Internet connection with PC, Mac without hassles.

MyWi 4 for iPhone comes with many new features for Tethering including faster performance, lets you adjust the transmitted power, which is an ideal scenario for lowering battery consumption while it acts as a Wifi Hotpot. Ata time, multiple multiple laptops, mobile devices and even other iPhones, iPAd can connect  to share your iPhone’s internet connection.


MyWi lets you add WEP Security, and alternatively enable USB Tethering too. In addition you can check your data usage at all times.

MyWi Feature Summary:

  • Faster performance
  • Lower battery consumption using dynamic power management — Adjust the transmit power (Between 30% and 100%)
  • Battery consumption meter
  • IP Management: See who is connected to your hotspot (IP addresses), Choose from a list of subnets to dish out over DHCP
  • USB Bridge mode. (Connect your laptop over USB to the phones 3G or WiFi connection!)


My favorite feature is the battery consumption and the battery meter. Choose the status bar icon over the annoying blue bars and watch in real time your battery drain level. Lower the transmit power to conserve battery. Plug your phone in to power during those large downloads or extended use periods and see confirmation that your battery charge is on the rise.

Where to Try & Buy MyWi

Your iPhone should be jailbroken on iOS4. You can  download MyWi 4 from the Cydia that offers 10 days Trial and if you like it, you can get it for $19.99. Existing owners will have to pay $9.99 for upgrades.

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